August 11, 2018

Come float with us, all are welcome!

About The Regatta

  • Now back and better than ever
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  • No more School Buses, get on Luxury Highway Motorcoaches
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  • Come float with us

    There Are a Limited Number of Tickets



    • No Person under the age of eight (8) years may enter the float. Participants’ age 8-17 must have a written release (including telephone number) signed by a parent or legal guardian
    • Participants are required to sign event waivers provided at registration
    • All Participants MUST WEAR a United States Coast Guard approved flotation device at ALL Times while in the water
    • All Participants must exit the river at Rotary Park, no exceptions

    Participants who violate the floatation device requirements are subject to a fine and/or removal from the event


    • Floats may not exceed 8 people and should not exceed 12-feet in diameter
    • Large floats that can take on water must contact the Nevada Department of Wildlife for a permit
    • No more than 10 tubes are allowed to be tied together at one time
    • Floats must be commercially made and a type typically found in a sporting goods store
    • Participants must provide their own paddles and oars to assist in navigation
    • All belongings, floats and trash must be removed from the water after landing, and appropriately stored or deposited into provided trash receptacles, no exceptions.


    • No Kegs, Styrofoam coolers, glass or unlawful substances
    • Please Regatta Responsibly. Only beer is allowed in Arizona Parks
    • All participants are required to wear a 2018 Laughlin Regatta wristband and have an onion bag for trash
    • Any participant found dumping trash in river is subject to a fine, removal from the event, and/or arrest. Participants must properly dispose of all trash. If you no longer want your float, deflate it and properly dispose of it in a trash receptacle
    • Participants must deflate tubes at the completion of the float before riding trolleys, golf carts or shuttle buses
    • Participants must show their 2018 Laughlin Regatta wristband to board shuttle buses
    • No launching of water balloons or any material or any kind during the event
    • The use of drones during the float is strictly prohibited

    Organizers are committed to hosting a fun and safe 2018 event. So remember to Regatta Safely! Alcohol is not sold at Davis Camp or Rotary Park in conjunction with the Laughlin River Regatta. Know your limits when it comes to alcohol and understand that only beer is allowed in Arizona parks. Participants who pose a safety risk or conduct that is determined to be lewd, rude, discourteous or even harmful to themselves or others will be subject to expulsion from this event.

    Violation of any of the rules may result in disqualification and/or removal from the event and future events




    Do I have to register and pay to float?

    Yes, for us to obtain the Coast Guard, County and City permits needed to operate the Regatta, we must have rules and have everyone register signing the waiver that they have read and understand the rules.

    This event is very costly, we must charge so the event is financially sustainable. We can say we are offering you the lowest price possible for the Regatta and will continue to do so in the future.

    Do I have to wear a life jacket to participate?

    Not only yes, but hell yes! The Colorado River is a fast-moving body of water with many hazards including boat docks along the shores on both sides of the river, swirls and under tows. We want to see everyone at the pre-party! If there is one rule you remember, this is the one, it will save your life!

    If I do not use the buses or want the free lunch, do I still have to pay?

    Yes, those are only a couple of the expenses associated with this event, our safety equipment and safety personnel costs alone will be over half a million dollars. We encourage you to use the buses and participate in the free lunch at the end, they are added benefits of the Regatta.

    Can I build my own raft?

    No, only commercially made inner tubes allowed – no larger than an 8 person. (12’x12’)

    What hotels have pickup and drop off locations?

    The hotels participating in the Regatta pickup and drop off areas for floaters are the following:

    Riverside / Aquarius / Colorado Belle / Edgewater / Pioneer / Golden Nugget / River Lodge / Harrahs / Tropicana


    Do I have to wear a life jacket to participate?

    Not only yes, but hell yes! The Colorado River is a fast-moving body of water with many hazards including boat docks along the shores on both sides of the river, swirls and under tows. We want to see everyone at the pre-party! If there is one rule you remember, this is the one, it will save your life!

    Is alcohol allowed during the Regatta?

    We do not encourage the use of alcohol during the Regatta, it is not illegal to consume alcohol on the Colorado River, however it is in the AZ parks – beer only allowed in AZ Parks. We remind everyone to Regatta Responsibly, if you choose to drink, drink a bottle of water for every adult beverage you consume, it will be hot so you do not want to dehydrate and/or suffer from heat illness.

    Is marijuana use allowed during the Regatta?

    NO, keep in mind it is still illegal in AZ and the Colorado River is a federal waterway so you could get cited or arrested.

    What happens if I fall off my tube during the Regatta?

    Never swim against the current, don’t care how good of a swimmer you are, you will not win that battle. Stay calm and swim towards the shoreline or a safety stop along the way, or flag down one of our event life guards or river safety personnel to assist you.

    Do I need a paddle?

    Yes, we recommend one paddle per person. You will have to do some paddling to stay away from boat docks, swirls and the shoreline. The best float experience is keeping yourself and your group in the middle of the river until the landing.

    How many tubes can we hook together?

    No more than 10 tubes can be hooked together, you must use carabiners to attach tubes so they can be quick released, in the event of an emergency.

    Are kayaks and canoes allowed?

    No, only commercially sold inner tubes with a max diameter of 12 feet and holds 8 people or less.

    Can I float past the landing park?

    No, you will not be allowed to float past the landing park, you must exit at the north end of Rotary Park. Violators will be in violation of our event safety zone and could get fined. “Every good thing must have an end, for the Regatta the end is the north end of Rotary Park”.

    What is the minimum age to participate?

    With written consent from a legal parent or guardian children 8 to 17 may participate.

    How do I register?

    Online at

    Can I wait until its closer to the event to register?

    Get your tickets as early as possible, the price will go up, or even worse sold out!!


    Do I need a wristband to board the bus?

    Yes, you must wear your wristband to get on the busses (to and from).

    Where do I go to get on the bus?

    Every casino will have their own designated area to board the buses, please check with your front desk or ask at the Regatta info booth located in your casino. You can also park your car at Rotary Park and take the bus to the launch site at Davis Camp 7am – 10am.

    Is bus service available at the AVI?

    No, the AVI is not a participating property of the Laughlin River Regatta.

    What time do the buses start leaving for Davis Camp?


    What time does the last bus leave?

    You must be in your properties bus line by 11am to ensure a ride to Davis Camp.

    Where can I launch from?

    Davis Camp is the launch site. Pioneer and Harrah’s guests only may launch from their casino’s beach. You must be in the water by 1pm.

    What do I need to launch?

    Besides wearing your Regatta event wristband, the minimum requirement to launch is you must have your inner tube, a paddle, coast guard approved life jacket and your provided onion bag for your trash.

    What time do the buses start returning to the casino’s?


    What time does the last bus leave?

    You must be in line at Rotary Park no later than 5pm to ensure a ride back.

    How will I know where to land?

    Look for the large river buoys, they will tell you how far away you are, you will also float underneath the white pipeline that crosses the river, when you reach the white pipeline you are less than a mile away, begin making it to the Arizona side of the River to ensure you will land at the north end of Rotary Park.

    How will I know what bus to get on to return to my casino?

    Each properties bus service is color coded, make sure you know what color your casino bus service is so you get on the right bus. This information can be found in the event program or ask the Regatta info booth located inside your casino.


    What about the Trash?

    It is against the law to litter. This entire event will be video recorded.

    Please dump ALL trash in to a designated trash can at the park.
    Most trash gathered at the Regatta is recycled.
    Do your part to “KEEP THE RIVER CLEAN”.
    Pack it in and Pack it out!
    You must throw away all your trash properly.
    Do not sink or throw trash in the river.
    If you do not want your tube, cooler or anything you brought with you throw it away properly.
    All unattended items will be thrown away immediately.


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